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Logo Design

The logo of a company plays a special role in ensuring its overall market success. Not only it needs to be visually attractive but it should also communicate the central motto of the company.

So if you are looking for the optimum quality logo design services for your firm, look no further as we at Discountjee can present you with top notch support.

Being a leading business logo maker, we can provide you with quality logo designs to boost your prospects.

logo Design

Responsive design

responsive design

In today’s world where most people tend to browse websites in their smartphones and tablets, creating responsive websites has become important since they bring better rankings in the SERPs.

Discountjee is Bangalore’s premium responsive web designer known for offering top quality responsive web designing services that can boost a company’s business potential. With their help, you can certainly appeal more to your target audience.


When you are looking to create a lasting impact in the minds of your customers, you need to develop a strong brand identity that people can associate themselves with.

DiscountJee is one of the leading advertising agencies in Bangalore and we can help you in every step of the way to create a successful brand identity to promote your enterprise.

This will help you to secure your company’s future in a competitive market.



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Designing apps for mobiles as well as desktop computers is very important nowadays. Not only these apps help customers to get all the information about a company at just one click but they also serve as excellent promotional tools.

DiscountJee is considered among the most trusted mobile app developers in India with an excellent track record of success.

Whatever your specific requirements may be, we can create aesthetically sound and functional apps for you.

Creative Design

A Creative graphic design can help to come up with excellent designs for banners, logos, and any other kind of promotional material that effectively communicates the central message of the business firm. At DiscountJee, we have a team of efficient graphic designers that can bring any kind of concept into a design reality. Our graphic designing expertise can help you to communicate the central message of your business firm in the most effective manner.

creative design


Photo editing is a process by which blemishes, temperature issues and other defects can be easily removed from digital images.

It is nowadays considered indispensable for e-commerce, posters, advertising and print media since it allows in creating highly impressive catalogues that have versatile applications across many industries.

Here at DiscountJee, we excel at delivering state of the photo editing services to companies that are looking to promote their enterprises. We have some of the best photo editors in the country capable of creating stunning images with the best finishing.

banner Design

Be it a banner, a hoarding, a bus-stop ad, a glow-sign, or an indoor public display, We can help you both with the creation and the placement of the advertisement. After sales consulting to identify your communication needs and budget, we recommend and can acquire the spaces to hire, through the relevant concessionaires. Large-format advertising in public is a "huge" advantage when it comes to ensuring that your brand truly registers with the casual passerby.

Be it a banner, a hoarding, a bus-stop ad, a glow-sign, or an indoor public display, WE can help you both with the creation and the placement of the advertisement. In the case of banners and hoardings, we know that they will be viewed at quite a distance, and typically very briefly (especially in the case of hoardings). Therefore, the content, typography and graphic support on the hoarding must be adapted to suit – large images and minimal text in a large, legible font.

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